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      How to Make the Perfect Cheese Plate (+ a Giveaway with Canadian Cheeses!)

      Loblaws - Cheese Awards Giveaway

      Anyone who knows my home life, knows that I really can't cook anything worth bragging about. In fact, for my recent mother's day card, Max said that his mother was "26 years old" and the thing that his mother cooks best is "macaroni and cheese." (I love this kid. He also noted my love for napping and books. He totally "gets" me.) And when you can't cook, you get sneaky around other women who can totally cook beautiful things. Like, when you're … [Read more...]

      A Weekend in Ottawa: Hand-Lettering Workshop with Joanne Lauzon


      Have you ever seen a chalkboard at a restaurant with the most exquisite lettering on it? It's something I notice. I've always loved doing "fancy" letters. So, I guess I tend to notice them elsewhere too. Artist is Lauren Hom So, I was definitely intrigued to find that there were local workshops where I could try my hand at this. Here is a cool little video example of hand-lettering, by Joanne Lauzon, the workshop instructor, whose company … [Read more...]

      Canadian Museums for Your Next Family Road Trip


      Our family loves a good museum visit. And any time we visit a big city -- from New York City to Toronto?-- we'll make sure to carve